Coming in January 2025


Bring Your Indoor Activities to Life

Shift gears and accelerate your indoor activities into a virtual sphere of possibilities with Rolla World. Experience the best virtual fitness app  - whether you're an avid cyclist, a dedicated jogger, or looking to switch up your running routine, Rolla World has a route for you. So, why wait?

* Available for iPads, Android Tablets, Windows and Mac Computers, Apple and Google TV


How it Works?

In order to start a virtual activity, it is required to have both the Rolla World and Rolla One apps installed. Rolla World is available for Android tablets, iPads and Windows computers while the Rolla One app is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Select Your Activity

Open Rolla One app on your mobile device and tap the "+" button.

Select the Virtual Activity and Map from the menu.

Connect Devices

Launch the Rolla World app on your computer or tablet.

From the Rolla One app on your mobile device, select your "Display Device".

Make sure both devices are on the same network.

Start The Activity

Once connected, press the start button on your mobile device and have fun.



Join Your Friends

Since Rolla World is a multiplayer online game, it allows you enjoy the ride along with your friends and other people.


Create Your Own Events

Gather your coworkers in Rolla's virtual world. Just set up an event in your Rolla One app and enjoy it on your Rolla World display.


Create Your Own Character

Customize your character and show off your style in the online multiplayer world of Rolla.