Rolla is an all-in-one platform that helps your employees become and stay healthy.

  • Create challenges within your company
  • Turn tracking your health stats into a game
  • Reward employee engagement
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What makes us different?

Health Score
Active Points

Discover how consistent daily efforts contribute to overall health.

By focusing on small improvements and rewarding positive habits, we keep your employees motivated on their journey to better health.

Active Points provide an easy way to compare your activity efforts across different types of activities.

Whether you're competing with friends or monitoring your progress, these points offer valuable insights into your overall fitness journey.

What you'll get?


Rolla turns raw data into actionable insights, helping your employees to find areas for improvement and take proactive steps towards improving their health & fitness.


Explore a virtual training platform compatible with Windows, Mac, Apple TV, Google TV, iPad and Android tablets. Create events, and compete with your colleagues in running, cycling or jogging.


Rolla Band is a minimalistic and screen-free wearable that helps you track your health and fitness activities without added distractions.

Compete With Your Colleagues

Create challenges and custom rewards to motivate employees to improve their health & fitness.

They can monitor their progress, compete with colleagues, and climb the leaderboard.

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