The list of compatible devices that work with Rolla One and Rolla World grows every day, but these are the devices that we had a chance to test out.

Compatible Smart Bike Trainers

To cycle virtually in Rolla World and monitor your cycling metrics, you need a bike and a smart trainer. Some of the connectable smart bike trainers include:

- TacX (Neo 2T, Neo 2, Neo, Flux 2, Flux S, Vortex Smart, Flow Smart, and Bushido Genius);
- Wahoo (Kickr, Kickr Core, and Kickr Snap);
- Wattbike (Atom, Atom Next Generation, Pro, Trainer, Icon, and Atomx);
- BkoolBike;
- Technogym Ride.

Compatible Heart Rate Monitors

To monitor your heart rate during any activity in Rolla, you need a heart rate sensor. Some examples include:

- Polar (H9, OH1, and H10) Chest Straps;
- Wahoo TICKR (X, and FIT) Chect Straps;
- all other Bluetooth heart rate monitors.

Compatible Stride and Treadmill Sensors

If you don't want to use your smartphone as a step source, you can connect a stride sensor. Some examples include:

- Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart;
- Zwift RunPod;
- Runn... Smart Treadmill Sensor;
- Stryd.

Compatible Rolla World Displays

In order to participate in virtual activities such as jogging, treadmill running or cycling you will need a display to stream our Rolla World. The supported devices are:

- Any iPad that is running iOS 13 or higher.

- Personal Computers / Laptops running Windows 8 or higher.

- Any tablet that is running Android 6.0 or higher.

- Mac computers running MacOS 10.13.0 or higher.