Coming in January 2025


All You Need to Level Up Your Health & Fitness in One Place

Rolla One helps you reach your health & fitness goals. Track your daily fitness activities, log your food intake and keep track of your overall progress. Connect to your devices or other services and keep track of your health metrics and optimize your performance.



Seamlessly Track All of Your Cycling, Jogging or Running Activities

Rolla One lets you keep track of all of your walking, running or cycling activities. Whether real or virtual, all of your activities are saved in one place. Gain insight into your performance during exercise. Rolla One will calculate metrics like the number of steps, active minutes, activity duration, distance, calories, average power and speed, maximum speed, elevation, and more.


Health Monitoring

Connect, track and optimize your health, all in one place. Rolla One allows you to track various metrics from your heart rate all the way to your blood pressure or the number of steps that you take.

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Diet & Weight Management

Rolla One allows you to manage your daily food intake and weight. Set goals, stay within your daily budget and see how your weight progresses over time.
Managing your diet has never been easier.

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